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About Us

Kimchi Guys offers a diverse Korean menu that caters to all palates.

We are a St. Louis based Korean Fried Chicken specialized local restaurant.

Come experience St. Louis’ first Korean Fried Chicken,

which is double fried with a special batter that makes the chicken EXTRA crispy.

From the Spicy Original to a sweet and savory Honey Butter,

guests can choose a signature sauce of their choice.

In addition to Korean Fried Chicken,

the menu offers both traditional and non-traditional Korean BBQ options.

Vegan options are also available!

Kimchi Guys Washu Opening with St. Louis Mayor


Our goal is providing good food and service that brings a smile to our customer's faces.


There's always a seat at the table for genuine, warm hospitality at Kimchi Guys. Our shared values are simple: Provide delicious Korean inspired sustainably sourced food and sincere service while brining value to our communities that we're lucky enough to welcome into our restaurants every single day.

Kimchi Guys Washington University Location_St.Louis
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